Discipline has always been the mainstay of any social system from time immemorial. Disciplined citizens comprise the most precious belongings of a nation. In fact indiscipline among the citizens promotes a state of anarchy in the society ultimately leading to the complete failure of a sound and justified system of governance.

This is a well known fact that the most important measure to raise a collection of disciplined members of the society is none else than discipline itself. At the same time, it being an abstract trait can never be learned overnight. Schools in this respect play a very important role because they catch hold of the prospective citizens/members of the society quite early to instill in them the discipline as a way of life. Thus the self discipline unknowingly learnt during the age of schooling becomes ever lasting and accepted as the life style when these students grow into citizens in their later life.

Modern Public School too realizing the significance of the role it can play gives priority to various norms of discipline and tries its best to transfer these values permanently to the students by presenting examples rather than talking tall about the precepts only. The school is popularly known in the vicinity around for a higher standard of self discipline displayed by its students within or out of the school. In fact moral values always hold a dominant place in the aggregate system of education of the school. It will, thus be no exaggeration that in this era of fast deteriorating and disappearing moral values our students are still much more disciplined as compared to general contemporary lot of their kind all over. The opinion of parents about the role of the school in this respect stands a testimony to the fact.

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School Affiliation
Modern Public School is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) New Delhi Upto Class 12th under Affiliation no. 530780.

Affiliation Upto Class 12th
The School has been upgraded to class 12th by CBSE.

Admission 2018-19
Registration is open for Admission 2018-19. For query contact reception

Annual Sports Day
Held on 1st and 2nd Dec 2017.

To be held on 24 Feb 2018 from 8:30 am to 10:15 am

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